of Grandmother Fish & Clades

Video shoot went great!

We shot the video for the Kickstarter last Saturday, and it was amazing. The shoot brought all the team members together for the first time: Karen, the artist; my business consultant; the videographer; and me. It was a joy to see us all working together and getting such good results. In her interview, Karen really showed her genuine excitement for the project, and my daughter did a great job talking about what it was like to learn about evolution from me as a child. We also taped three parents reading Grandmother Fish to their young children and got plenty of good footage.

For 20 years, I’ve been a professional game designer in Seattle, so I have a lot of friends who can help me bring Grandmother Fish to life. One friend pointed me to Keith Hitchcock and his Hocus Focus video company. Keith did an amazing job on a tight budget and with amateur talent. I can’t wait to see the final video.

Karen brought her husband and their 6-year-old son, my gaming buddy was there with his wife and two daughters, and my daughter is back from college, so the day was also something of a family gathering. The kids and my dogs had fun romping in our big yard.

While taping one mother-daughter pair, we caught the daughter asking her mom, “So, we’re related to fish?” It was golden.


My daughter, me, Karen, and her son at the video shoot.

Author: Jonathan Tweet

Professional game designer, lifelong fan of evolution.