of Grandmother Fish & Clades

Karen’s sketches in the draft


Karen’s sketches are wonderful.

Grandmother Fish has taken a big step forward with the addition of Karen’s sketches to the prototype. The sketches are rough, but even in rough form they bring a lot more sweetness to the book. She’s also formatted the PDF so that you see both the left and right pages in each spread, which is what it will look like when you open the finished book.

Please download the latest prototype of Grandmother Fish at the usual URL, here: www.grandmotherfish.com/grandmotherfish.pdf.

With the addition of Karen’s sketches to the book, it’s better than ever to share with friends. and we’d love to get some fresh eyes on it. Please share this post with friends, and thanks for your help.

Author: Jonathan Tweet

Professional game designer, lifelong fan of evolution.