of Grandmother Fish & Clades

Video Really Sings

Our videographer, Keith Hitchcock of Hocus Focus Media, has delivered the first cut of the Kickstarter video, and it looks amazing. Our contact at Kickstarter liked it, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from my professional friends. The Kickstarter goes live a week from Monday, and the video is going to be a real hit. If this video is not the most heart-warming one for an evolution book ever, I’ll eat my hat. There’s even plenty of footage for two more videos: a complete read-through with children hearing the book for the first time, and a look at Karen’s art and her perspective on the project.

Keith built the schedule with flex time, so we were able to get some great scenes that we would never have planned out ahead of time.┬áHere’s a screen grab of one such scene.

My daughter did a great job. Fifteen years ago, she was the original inspiration for Grandmother Fish.


My daughter, me, our two poodles, Karen, and her son in an unplanned scene that turned out great.

My daughter is a real star of the video.

My daughter is a real star of the video.


Author: Jonathan Tweet

Professional game designer, lifelong fan of evolution.