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KS campaign starts June 23rd

I’m happy to announce that we’re moving the start of the Kickstarter campaign back one week to Monday, June 23rd. Why am I “happy” about that? First of all, we’re changing the schedule so that we will have more of Karen’s art to show when we start. As proud as I am of the text in the book, people are going to judge the book by the art, and we want to get that right. Having more art to show makes me happy. Second, when I originally set the schedule, I tried for a June 1st launch, but I knew that July 1st would be more realistic. I’ve done enough creative projects over the years to know that schedules are likely to slip. For me, June 23rd is still “ahead of schedule” by a week.

Here’s a new piece by Karen. It’s still rough, but you can see the life that she’s bringing to her subject matter.

Karen's rough color draft

Karen’s rough color draft

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