of Grandmother Fish & Clades

Grandmother Images for Teachers

When teachers present Grandmother Fish to classrooms, it’s handy to have images of the five Grandmothers. Here are full-size images of the Grandmothers, each to be printed on a letter-size sheet of paper. Sometimes for a reading I have five different kids volunteer to act out the sounds and motions of one Grandmother each. In that case, each kid can hold the image of their Grandmother for the class to see. When I do timeline exercises, again I get five kids to volunteer to stand up and show everyone where on the timeline their Grandmothers lived. Now that I have these images, each kid will get one to hold.

Click on an image to get the full-size PDF.

From GRANDMOTHER FISH: A CHILD’S FIRST BOOK OF EVOLUTION. Illustrations © 2016 by Karen Lewis. Reprinted by permission from Feiwel & Friends. All Rights Reserved.

If you use these images in a classroom, Karen and I would love to hear about it. Enjoy!