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Crow Scientist in Persian

Crow Scientist is now available in Persian (Farsi)! In March, Nasser Yousefi of DONYA  Children’s Research Institute contacted Dr Marzluff about translating our app into Persian. The institute works on early childhood education and development in Iran. They have been working on a children’s crow project for some time, drawing kids’ attention to the lives of crows. Everyone loves crows! Now they have our app to help them with their valuable educational work. We hope that in this small way, our the shared love of children, education, and crows builds a connection between American and Iranian citizens.

Our developer, David Marques, would be happy to incorporate other languages into the app if others can provide the translated text. Which language will be next?

Crow Scientist teaches kids to observe crows the way a scientist does. Here in Seattle, you can hear young crows begging for food, so it’s a great time to show kids how to spot them. Learn more. Crow Scientist is free and ad-free! Get it here.